Mrs. Katharine Bogataj

Principal, B.A, M.A, ED.S.Contact

Mrs. Shawn Tawil

Administrative AssistantContact

Mrs. Tami Ewell

Administrative AssistantContact

Mrs. Joan Hubbell

Early Childhood 4, B.A.Contact

Mrs. Nina Beggins

Early Childhood 4 AssistantContact

Mrs. Cheryl Matala

Kindergarten, B.S, M.A.Contact

Mrs. Shelley Beaulieu

Kindergarten Classroom AssistantContact

Mrs. Karen Honsinger

Grade One, B.A., M.A. Contact

Mrs. Deanna Ginty

Grade Two, B.A.Contact

Mrs. Beth Soderlund

Grade Three, B.S.Contact

Mrs. Erin Grabowski

Grade Four, B.S.Contact

Mrs. Elizabeth Futch

Grade FiveContact

Mrs. Erin Althoff

Grade Six/Writing & Literature, B.S.Contact

Mrs. Ann Tarcza

Grade Seven/ Religion & Social Studies, B.A., M.A.Contact

Mrs. Chris Cherinka

Grade Eight/ Math, B.A., M.A.Contact

Mrs. Pat Kranik

Grade Eight/Science, B.S.Contact

Senora Heather McClung

Spanish, B.S.Contact

Mrs. Kathy McLean

Art and Media, B.A.Contact

MS. Hannah Castelow

Physical Education, B.S., M.S.Contact

Ms. Giselle Boodoo

Guidance, B.A., M.S.Contact

Ms. Lisa Sloan

Band, B.A., M.A.Contact

Ms. Amy McKalvey

Vocal and General Music, B.S.Contact

Mrs. Melissa Hendrick

Reading Specialist , B.A., M.A.Contact

Mrs. Adriana Ermatinger

Primary/Intermediate AssistantContact

Ms. Eileen Haggerty

Primary/Intermediate AssistantContact

Mrs. Bonnie Haire

Extended Day ProgramContact

Mrs. Bridget Halle

Marketing CoordinatorContact

Mrs. Amy Pittendreigh

Technology Specialist, B.A., M.A.Contact